Lighting Installation

The installation actuates with users in close proximity as a predator alters the formation of a fish shoal. As such, the user actuates the motors through a close proximity sensor connected to an arduino board. The motors rotate wheel gears that push and pull specific points in the piece. The piece is a single sheet, which has six main cluster of three leaves each. The motors affect the intersection of each individual cluster that affects the fabric in between the clusters creating diverse movements. Each cluster moves independent form one another, creating a beautiful range of movement.

The material utilized is silicone, which allows for a flexibility and variation in the movement of the piece. Due to the different casting techniques, the silicone has a gradient of textures casting different shadows and providing different lighting qualities. The process of fabrication was essential to achieve the desired movement and light qualities. The casting process was done in layers, and post tensioning techniques were employed, to stress the clusters so the movement would be over emphasized with minimum actuation.

Collaboration: Alexandra Lipezker, Maria Garcia Mozota, Doguscan Aladag

Fabrication Process


Interaction System