Mobile Cinema

Mobile cinema is an audio/visual presentation unit designed for the rough conditions of the field. It is a solar powered, efficient and durable system that can endure the hardships associated with transportation, inclement weather and outdoor conditions. It emphasizes power efficiency and usability over features to create a product that satisfies the use case as cleanly as possible.

The cinema uses a pre-fabricated case with custom electronic and physical parts. Physical parts are fabricated using 3D printing and 2D laser cutting. The materials are PETG for printing and matte acrylic for 2D cut parts. The parts are assembled using a combination of structural plastic adhesives and M3 hardware. Electronic parts include some store bought items such as the TV and solar panel and custom circuit boards for routing and switching. All electronics are mounted using printed parts and wiring is done by hand.

The end result is a highly durable, flexible and efficient product that performs very well under harsh conditions and can be easily operated after a simple training session.

Collaboration: Nicholas Myers & Francesca Rodriguez