Sky Gardens

Sky Garden creates a secondary street of public spaces. As the city continues to add more density people need additional public spaces away from traffic. Towers should integrate green space and contribute to the quality of public space while also offering amenities to the community and residents.

Sky Garden also uses modern techniques for better sustainability. The facade glazing has solar power panels and the building features a rainwater collection system. Both of these features reduce the consumption of natural resources by the building.

One of Sky Garden’s objectives is to contribute to the social and cultural environment that it is present in. It accomplishes this goal by creating public and green spaces for people to escape from the dense crowded city life. By rethinking what home and office mean as locations Sky Garden creates facilities that accommodate the modern office and its changing cultural environment. One such space is the connectivity area that helps bridge the gap between work and home. Lastly there is a public rooftop that allows people to view their surroundings and become immersed in the full beauty of their cityscape.

Building System

The building consists of multiple smart systems to provide more comfortable environments. The spaces are tailored to the program creating either open working environments or spacious outdoors areas and comfortable living quarters.

Office space for residents are treated as if they were a “gym membership”. People are no longer working exclusively from office spaces and the desire to work closer to home drives the programming scheme. Those who are able to work in different locations could opt to use these spaces. This allows people to get to know their neighbors and encounter different practices.

Office spaces are provided in the lower floors. The open plan provides very spacious environments that are able to be divided for multiple tenants. The floors have significantly higher ceiling heights and the potential for mezzanine spaces.


Envelope - Inflation System

The envelope is designed with inflatable ETFE foil cushions that have a vacuum technology that absorbs air from the environment. This inflation contracts and expands the Frist-like pattern embedded within the ETFE foil. When the pattern expands there is less solar radiation heat entering into the building. Ehen the pattern contracts there is more light and heat coming into the space. This system is controlled through the main computer of the building accessing data though the sensors located around the building to maximize efficiency.


Bridging the Sky Gardens

The intersection of different building with sky gardens form a series of interconnected bridges above the city. This allows people to escape from the crowded traffic of the streets.