I am very passionate about computational design. I spend most of my free time developing small projects to improve both my design and technical skills. I want to contribute to the emergent digital and fabrication culture in architecture. I find all the technologies that are available to push design forward truly fascinating.

I have worked in a highly challenging and creative computational design environment, where I learned how to code and developed skills with robotic fabrication. My thesis project explored the design opportunities of an airborne tensile construction informed by a swarm of semi-autonomous drones. I built a very complex and exciting generative design program to demonstrate the design opportunities based on real material and fabrication constraints. The program was able to generate various design iterations based on different inputs.

I possess great technical skills working with different softwares and switching between them to exploit their potential. There’s no perfect program that does it all… at least not yet. The most important lesson I learned from coding is that although there’s still much to learn, the key to success is problem solving.